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For Trainees


Welcome to Japan. We are pleased that you have chosen Japan as a training country for your internship and also happy to have you as a trainee here.

We have tried our best to provide you with excellent training at great companies and institutions, and we so hope you will get valuable experience in Japan and your training will be fruitful and successful.

All information you need to start training in Japan is on this web site. Please read it carefully and get ready to come to Japan. Details regarding summer reception programmers (called "Summer Program") will also be shortly shown on this web site. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us by any means. Our staff at the office will help you in any way they can.

We are looking forward to meeting you here in Japan very soon.

Best wishes,

Before Coming

  • VISA

Some trainees need to obtain a visa to enter Japan. Please read this section carefully.

1. Trainee whose stay is less than 90 days

No Visa (nationals of countries with Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan)

A trainee who meets the above requirements can enter Japan without a visa as long as the purpose of her/his stay is an internship. We will issue an "Introduction Card To Japan" for you. You should keep the original copy to show immigration officers upon arrival to Japan.
Please do not forget to show it to the officers at the airport. For a list of countries that have a "visa waiver program" with Japan, please refer to the following link:

Temporary Stay Visa(nationals of countries WITHOUT Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan)

A trainee in this category (nationals of countries other than those listed above) needs a "Temporary Stay" visa as long as the purpose of her/his stay is an internship. Please go to the Japanese embassy in your country as early as possible.(Try to apply for a visa at least 8 weeks prior to your arrival in Japan) Please be reminded that some countries might take longer than 8 weeks to obtain a "Temporary Visa" such as China, Russia, Africa, Middle East and former USSR countries.
Japanese embassies in those countries usually send your application forms to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tokyo, which will start reviewing your application. Then MFA will contact us for more detailed information and ask us to submit special forms that employers have to prepare during this reviewing process.
Therefore, we advise trainees from China, Russia, Africa, Middle East and former USSR countries to apply for a "Temporary Visa" as soon as they receive acceptance notes(N5a).

2. Trainee whose stay is longer than 90 days

Cultural Activity Visa

A trainee whose stay is longer than 90 days needs to obtain a "Cultural Activity" visa before entering Japan. We will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility to the Immigration Bureau of IAESTE in Tokyo, and it is usually issued approx. 3 to 4 weeks after submitting all necessary papers to the Immigration Bureau.
We will then send you a Certificate of Eligibility as soon as it is issued. Please go to the Japanese Embassy in your country with this "Certificate of Eligibility" to apply for the visa. Please note that Japanese embassies will NOT accept your visa application without a Certificate of Eligibility.

  • Insurance

Trainees MUST obtain their own insurance prior to coming to Japan. The insurance must match or exceed the given amounts below. Remember that the figures below are a minimum.
Trainees will also be responsible for individual arrangements regarding payment and reimbursement from their insurance company in the event of injury, illness, liability, or rescuer expenses.

Minimum Insurance Coverage


Please do not forget to send us A COPY OF CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE written in English, showing items of coverage and a limit of indemnity with your insurance policy number. This certificate should be submitted when you return your acceptance notes(N5b) through your National IAESTE committee.
Please remember that the employer is allowed to cancel the offer if your insurance coverage does not match or exceed our given amounts. The procedure of payment and reimbursement varies from company to company. Companies cannot pay you when you are requested to pay at hospital or other emergency institutions. Please read your insurance policy carefully.
In case your insurance company cannot pay you on the event of illness, injuries or securer operation, you need to prepare and bring money to cover temporal expenses. Your training company, host family, and IAESTE JAPAN will not advance the cost of care.
To give an idea how much you may bring, a trainee who had a stomachache paid about 20,000 JPY to see a doctor. When you cannot find an insurance that meets the minimum amounts above, we suggest you to arrange more than one insurance so as to reach the minimum.If you really cannot arrange an insurance that meets our minimum requirements, please let us know.

  • Accommodation

Do not forget to arrange accommodation for your stay before/after your training period (written on your acceptance notes(N5a)) by yourself. If you need a help in finding where to stay, how to get to the place you booked, and so on, please ask your Contact-Person (CP).
CP is our student volunteer who will help you in many ways during your stay in Japan. S/he will contact you by E-mail before you leave for Japan. If you are not contacted by CP 10 days before your departure, please let us know.1. ArrangementPlease check the "Accommodation" section written on your offer form.

"Lodging will be arranged by EMPLOYER" on offer form

Your employer will provide the accommodation during your training period. Employers usually arrange company dormitories, weekly apartments, hotels/hostels, or host family after they inform us of trainees' acceptance, and therefore, please do not make an inquiry about the accommodation before receiving your acceptance notes(N5a/b).
They usually have rules about staying in company dormitories/weekly apartments. Those rules should strictly be respected, please follow them. (If you will stay at your company's dormitory, you might need to share the bathroom with your mates. If you need detailed information about your accommodation, please ask your employer after your acceptance is confirmed.)

"Lodging will be arranged by IAESTE" on offer form

You will stay with a host family. Our host families are officially registered as IAESTE JAPAN Host Family Members, who understand and agree about the purpose of IAESTE Internship Exchange Programme and voluntarily offer their cooperation. They are delighted to have students from abroad as a member of their family, and so their home will be your home in Japan.
Therefore, it would be very appreciated if you could be aware of your responsibility, regarding housework such as cleaning your room, and respect their house rules. And it might be slightly different from "B & B at someone's home" as you find in European countries for example, we would like to advise you make an special effort to talk with your host family without hesitation. They are looking forward to communicating with you.
If you need detailed information about your host family, please contact us after your acceptance is confirmed. And if you have any problems with host family while your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us or your CP.

"Lodging will be arranged by TRAINEE" on offer form

You have to arrange accommodation by yourself. Please contact us as soon as you receive acceptance notes(N5a/b). We will help you to arrange reasonable accommodation.2. PaymentPlease check the "Accommodation" section written on your offer form.

"Lodging will be paid by EMPLOYER" on offer form

Trainees do not have to pay for their accommodation for the training period written on the acceptance notes(N5a/b), but there are usually some expenses you have to pay by yourself such as electricity, gas, water, phone bills, and food. For more details, please check your offer form or contact us.

"Lodging will be paid by TRAINEE" on offer form

Employers either subtract your accommodation fees from your payment or you pay your accommodation fees directly to your employer by cash. Please check with your employer on the first day of your training for more details.

Life in Japan

You'd better skim through following pdf before coming to Japan. You can get some vital information. This document was written by TLSC(See below for further details) members.


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